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fraud and anti money laundering (AML)

Financial and cyber fraud are increasing at an unprecedented rate. Newly established financial institutions regulated by authorities and/or payment brands (i.e. VISA, MasterCard) to implement processes and controls to address fraud management and AML activities. 

Why Athena-Dfenz? 

Our Fraud Consultancy experts include former Fraud and Risk Managers whom can design and provide customised Fraud Management Framework for merchant acquiring and compliance to Visa and MasterCard security program.

Athena Fraud Management Consultancy Service

  1. Fraud Framework Assessment - We provide an end-to-end process review including Organisation fraud management strategies, counter fraud typologies and policies, identification tools, investigation and risk assessment methods. 

  2. Underwriting Policy & Procedure - Draft and baseline fraud policies, procedures and standard operation procedures (SOP).

Grab your free session TODAY to discuss with our Consultant further.

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